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  • Опасные парни и их игрушка (ЛП)

    Спасибо за книгу. Очень понравилась
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    Книга очень понравилась, я никогда ещё так не просто смеялась, ржала до слёз. А продолжение есть?
  • Серый мир

    что я читала за последнее время.
Hamilton T. J.

Автор Hamilton T. J.

Книги автора Hamilton T. J.

Defending Pacer - Hamilton T. J.
Defending Pacer


  • Дата добавления: 27/12/2015

  • Язык книги: Английский

  • Кол-во страниц: 43

Chelsea Tanner’s career as a defence lawyer is rapidly climbing. Her strong ethics and sharp wit in the courtroom has paved her way into becoming an associate of Sydney’s top law firm. She hasn’t lost a single case in her short but successful career. Law is her life, living and breathing it leaves little time for anything more. When a member from the infamous Legano Family is up on a murder charge, Chelsea finds more.Pacer Fratelli is dark, hard and completely consumed by his new defence lawyer. Chelsea and Pacer’s worlds couldn’t be further apart but he wants more … and what Pacer wants, Pacer gets.When bad love feels so good, just how far would you go to defend it?